Keyword: Anything is Possible

HangarFusina is a dynamic, multitasking production company that is always open to new creative
influences. It is through professional challenges that we achieve our successes because for us,
any shape and any object is possible to realise.

Retail & Display

Every product in a store requires optimal display. Store displays and store furnishings are part of HangarFusina's core business. Functionality and design tailored to any display need. We enhance every product to enrich its aesthetic appeal.


Interior Design

Making everyday living special is another goal of our creative mission. Every home has its own style and unique image needs. We provide interior design solutions that embrace the requests and design ideas of architects and designers.


Technical Articles

One distinctive feature of HangarFusina is the ability to create custom-made products for the technical world, based on specific customer requests. We offer a range of technical articles made from technoplastic materials that complement the lighting technology sector, including components for industrial machinery.


Special Projects

With a long-standing family history connected to renowned names in art and design, we continue to collaborate with creatives and visual artists to give life to artistic installations and produce prestigious objects of high aesthetic and cultural value. These unique pieces often draw inspiration from past decades and are highly appreciated by enthusiasts and collectors. Over the years, we have created authentic "special works" exhibited in showrooms and prestigious events.



Solutions for exhibition and museum setups are among our expertise. We create custommade designs for exhibition needs, including supports and transparent protective cases. Functionality combined with aesthetic quality. We invent new spaces and content by blending creativity and organization.