Methacrylate and more…

Methacrylate and more…

HangarFusina's laboratory equipment is very diverse, allowing us to work with various high
quality materials because that's how we can cater to even the most demanding customers. We
specialize in working with methacrylate in all its forms: turning, milling, bonding, and surface
treatments, thanks to the use of the most modern technologies. The company's production
flexibility allows us to develop solutions using also other materials such as metal and wood, at
the level of an advanced technical carpentry.
The right material for the right situation.


The right material for the right situation


HangarFusina, formerly known as Fusina SRL, was born as a specialist in acrylic. Since the 1970s,
when specific equipment for this new material was not yet available, HangarFusina has
demonstrated expertise in its processing, particularly in block and thick sheet acrylic. Today, with
the wealth of experience gained over the years, HangarFusina continues to excel in the field,
achieving excellent results in numerous applications. (Photo: pantograph processing)


Wood panels are essential elements in the sectors where we operate. Wood offers excellent
characteristics in terms of strength, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness. We provide various
woodworking techniques, all leading to top-level results and finishes. Our expertise in
woodworking is also influenced by our continuous collaboration with the aeronautics industry.
(Photo: engraving on MDF panel)


Strength, elegance, and durability. Metal is a noble material, which is often utilized in our work
for constructing frames, supports, or technical elements. (Photo: turned cylinders with threaded

Engineering Plastics

In our experience, we have completed numerous projects using engineering plastics. The
expertise we have gained through working with Plexiglas allows us to achieve excellent finishes
when processing other plastic materials (such as Nylon, Teflon, Peek...), which are particularly
recommended for technical articles. (Photo: milled technical articles in Teflon and Peek)