A Continuing Story

A Continuing Story

Every time we create a product, we tell a story. It's the story about family tradition, our deep
artisanal roots, and the innovative genius of our founder, Giancarlo Bonato, who paved the way
in 1970, a path we still follow today. Now, HangarFusina is moving towards new technical and
creative challenges, guided by the forty years of experience of its owner, Giorgio Bonato, a
profound connoisseur of traditional production techniques and a strong advocate for the use of
innovative materials and methods.
We specialize in working with methacrylate (Plexiglas), but this is just one of the many materials
that we use in order to create a wide range of unique products tailored to the customer's
requests and specifications.

On-Demand Solutions

HangarFusina is a company that works exclusively on a commission basis. We create unique
products commissioned by clients, offering specific expertise in both the design development
phase and the subsequent production steps. We specialize in customized work for display stands
and store furnishing in the retail sector and interior design as well as for technical
Quality and reliability on demand.

On-Demand Solutions
Designed with Heart

HangarFusina offers a complete design service, starting each creation from scratch, and
transforming your ideas into tangible realities. Our creative team takes each assignment to heart,
ensuring the development of products that can best express our clients' values.


Every creation by HangarFusina is assembled and completed by skilled artisans. Years of
experience have allowed us to master highly advanced material processing techniques. Hand
assembly not only adds value to our products but also ensures a high level of quality control.

How many can you imagine?

We are capable of handling anything from individual samples to large-scale productions, thanks
to our internal organization that allows us to manage every type of commission with versatility.

Shipped wherever you want

HangarFusina provides worldwide shipping services. Each package is custom-designed to fit the
product it contains and to ensure maximum safety during transportation, arriving in your hands
just as we envisioned it.